My blooms have shrunk!

mcintyre86(5b)June 8, 2013

I bought a beautiful all white marshmallow fuchsia about a month ago, we had a freeze warning the last weekend of May, so I brought it inside for a few days. I've had it outside since and it's still blooming, not nearly as much, but the blooms are also half the size. They look like a normal fuchsia bloom. Some of the leaves are starting to get small brownish yellow spots. I can't find a bug anywhere and I pick off the seed heads all time time. I only water when the plant is on the dry side to avoid any rot or botrytis. It hangs on an open, predominately shade porch and I usually fertilize once a week. Although the greenhouse it came from fertilized every day, I thought that was too much. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm trying very hard, I really need advice!

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