COmpanionn PLanting for Herbs?

midnightsmum (Z4, ON)October 9, 2013

I planted a pot for my deck this spring, with basil, sage. and marigolds. I used fresh enriched soil, but the plants were stunted. Water,sun - all were in abundance, but little to no growth.....any ideas?

TIa - Nancy.

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hey Nancy,
my Guess is it was the "fresh enriched soil". OK, it sound great!, as a nursery grower... I only purchase a perlite, peatmoss mix. Hopefully we all do. We need to know what exactly is in the mix. AKA No nutrients. Just so we know what to add for each specific plant. blah , blah , blah. lol
I think your mix had a tad too much nitrogen. As hard as they try, mixes vary from batch to batch. Too much nitrogen can either , stunt, kill, or cause irregular detrimental growth on any plant. or it could have been something else , like too much potassium.
I bet your mix will be fine to use next year.
Then again it could be filled with pathogens that will kill anything you plant. lol highly unlikely! just a joke!
I would let it age over winter in a safe pot ( winter safe) and try it again in the spring. If the growth looks bad by May, dump into your compost. and the compost WILL eat any bad pathogens. Then you can feel free to add to your ground gardens. Check out the compost site on the garden web for more info.
:) Laura

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midnightsmum (Z4, ON)

Thanks Laura. I think I'm going to try to salvage the sage plant to bring indoors in a separate pot. The other plants I will compost in a not-reusable pile and I'll put the remaining soil on the lawn. It's funny, cause that bag of soil did several small containers, and the rest were fine - it's all magic to me!!


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stunted? maybe the soil was compacted? or maybe overwatering is an issue, or maybe too many plants in a small space?

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