My Fuschia is very sick :-(

jbrad567June 7, 2010

Can someone please help me? I have provided a link to my poor fuschia plant. I have only had it for two weeks and I fear it is on the verge of death! I only water it twice a week and it has minimal sun. I don't know what to do!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Has that pot got drainage holes? I'm wondering if your fuchsia is sitting in a puddle of water.

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My daughter gave me two beautiful hanging, large fuchsias about a week ago.They were from Wal-Mart. Every year hers seem to do so well at her home which is close (like about 700 feet)to lake Michigan and in the woods. But they get sun a good portion of the day. I put mine on my porch, which only receives full sun as the sun is rising (from abt 6:00 AM to 8:00AM and setting from about 4:00 to 6:00. The tag on the plants say 4 to 8 hours of sun. That sounds like full sun to me. How much sun do most people provide? The tag also says to water daily (which sounds pretty heavy watering to me),remove faded flowers and fertilize regularly (whatever regularly means). They looked perky when she brought them. In two days they were drooping but the soil felt moist so I didn't water them. The next day I decided to water even though they still felt moist to me because the tag said water DAILY. They looked a little better later that day. The weather then went from 78, sunny and hot to about 60 and damp. Then to about 65 and damp and windy. They look bedraggled again. Now after reading here I think they still have probably plenty of water if not too much. Would it be best to put them in a place where they get more sun? (the only place I have for them would be to hang from a tree) instead of the porch where there's only very early and late sun?
With the amount of sun that this porch gets Morning Glories, once started, will climb and bloom there. Would it also be good to try to pull off the plastic bottom of the hanging pots in hopes that water might get away faster in case too much water is the problem? I'd feel pretty bad to kill her nice gift of fuchsias in less than a month!

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I have to say one thing about buying those potted plants in hanging baskets. They tend not to live or make it because they are greenhouse raised and kept alive in the store, and the are programmed to die once you get them home. Greenhouse have high humidity. The growers use thing on them like liquid fertilizers and insecticides. They get all pumped up to sell them, but then they sag in real life. It's better to buy a plant that is outdoors in a real nursery near your house that is giving conditions similar to yours. I would keep them outside. There are better houseplants you can buy. These are hardly inside the house. Try spider plants in hanging baskets. Fuchsia are not really house plants. It's too dry in the house. Once the plant is on it's way out, it's very hard to save it.

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