Wilting fushia Too much water/fertilizer?

kiki-06June 6, 2006

I have two hanging red with purple fushias that are hanging on my front porch shade facing North. I have been watering them everyday and soaking them for a few hours with a bigger drainage container than they already have on the hotter days.I fertized them once a week (had them for two weeks)with Miracle grow per garden stores advice. I take off old flowers and leaves. There leaves are wilting and look bad almost like they need water but the soil is moist and they have never dried out. Have I watered or fertilized too much? Is there any thing I can do? They are very nice sized plants in 10 inch containers.

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hld6(z7 MD)

Fuchsia's like to be moist but not wet (and of course you can't let them dry out either). My experience has been that soaking them is not good at all, even when they are not left in standing water.

Unfortunately the sympton of root damage from too much water (wilting leaves) looks the same as a plant that needs water. The difference is that a plant with root damage will stay wet longer (because its missing the roots to take up water).

It might be too late, (it depends on how wilted they look).

If they don't look too bad, first, don't water them again until the top of the soil starts to feel a little dry-ish (but moist underneath). You may want to put them out in some morning sun to help dry them out and transplant to earthen or coco mat containers (I'm assuming they're in plastic).

If they look pretty wilted they don't have the roots to support all the foliage. You can try cutting them back pretty strongly (leave about 6 inches). Of course that means the blooms will be gone, but if the plant survives you'll have blooms in about 8 weeks.

Just consider it a learning experience. I did the same thing last year.

Good Luck,

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