Twice Daily Misting--Good or Bad?

trytryagain(7b NC)June 30, 2005

I bought a fuschia for the first time a month ago and have it hanging under my covered porch. It is getting enough light to keep it blooming and seems healthy so far. I want to keep it going all summer, but I know fushias like cool weather. Does misting with water twice daily help to cool off the fuschia in 90 degree weather, or will it just create fungus problems?

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)


I spray my plants quite often, but not as much as twice a day.

I am sure that all the botanists will say that the leaves need to 'breathe' and by misting as often as twice a day you will be causing the plant to stress and it will also affect the growing mechanisim of the cells.

However, I am not a botanist and I find that whenever the temperature rises and the plants start to go 'soft' but not exactly wilt is a good time to spray (but not if the plants are in full sun). It is a good idea to also spray the floor area around the plants as this will increase the humidity.

You can also add some feed to the water to use as a foliar feed but don't spray the plants late in the day as they will be covered in moisture which would not evaporate or be taken in by the plant and as you suggest could lead to fungal problems.

Good growing


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Some people in our area have misters that come on 3-4 times a day in very hot weather.

I've sprayed mine twice a day with no fungus. I've never seen fungus on my fuchsias. This week I just discovered the gall mite is still around. Aughh!

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trytryagain(7b NC)

I am glad to hear that fuschia are not prone to fungus problems. Apparently, this fuschia is happy with the conditions on my porch, and I am happy with it. I will buy a fuschia every spring. It and the chenille plant are winners this year for my hanging baskets. I must have 50 of those cute little red "cat tails" on my chenille plant. It is so healthy and carefree. I haven't heard of the gall mite--sounds bad! I know that spider mites are terrible here in NC this year, especially on my roses. I had spider mite on the fuschia earlier, but none since I started the twice daily misting. I can't mist the roses and don't think I should since they are so prone to fungus disease, so I broke down and sprayed Avid on them. It has worked pretty well, but I know that mites quickly develop resistance to any miticide. So I am just buying time.

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