help with my dieing fuschia

cathyawood67June 3, 2008

Hi,My fuschia is dieing IÂm pretty sure itÂs due to over watering it. I normally water it in the evening, but will definitely switch to morning. How much water is a good rule of thumb? Also IÂm mainly concerned with how I can save it? How much and what parts do I cut down? IÂm a newbie to all of this!

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hi i dont know what sort of fuchsia you have i would think its a bush as a hanging plant would drain on its own i would take the plant out of its pot let it drain so some air can get to the roots let it dry out for a couplr of days if the stem has gone black it could well be dead if you run you finger nail down the stem and its green it will be ok i would surgest a light prune to start new growth at the base of the plant as for watering in the future when the top of the pot is dry give ot a drink but dont leave the pot standing in water as fuchsias dont like wet feet i dont know what part of the usa you are in if its realy hot a would sray the plant in the morning and water at the end of the day when it cools down and feed the plant once aweek with a good food ie chem pak or tomato feed will do the trick hope this helps

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Is Miracle Grow a good fertilizer to use for fuchsias?

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hi jayne08 miricle grow is a good food for fuchsias i use it at half strenth other wise you will have a lot of leaf growth and the flowers will be small as the plants strenth is in the leaves iwould use it at half strenth every time you water

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Thank you Dave

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i purchased a fuschia and all of the leaves have fallen off, i don't know what to do, please someone help. I don't want to throw it out, in hopes that i can possibly bring it back to life. I watered it, but maybe too much.

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