Unruly baskets

Athenian(USDA 10B/Sunset 22)June 26, 2013

After many disappointing attempts, I have finally succeeded in cultivating a couple of healthy fuschia plants. They are quite unruly now and I'd like to prune them. I read though (can't remember where) that fuschias shouldn't be pruned during the growing season -- just during the winter. Is that true or should I go ahead and prune them now?

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Athenian(USDA 10B/Sunset 22)

Note: I think I should probably have said cut back rather than actualy pruning. Is it okay to shape them up now?

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I have read that. Cutting them back in winter was recommended for those people overwintering their fuchsias. You can start pruning them after you see signs of growth or after last frost, so yes, go ahead. Pruning them will delay flower development, but encourage growth, making it a bushier plant.

Mine have been pruned by deer and are filling out well :P

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