Problem with buds

kfortune(Valencia, Spain)June 17, 2005

I am completly new to fuchsias and gardening generally. I have some fuchsias taken from cuttings last year. They are all growing very well with profuse foliage but one in particular is having problems with the buds. This has been going on for weeks now, ever since it first started flowering. Some of the buds are dropping at various stages before they open and the ones that do open don´t look right - they seem to be dying off almost straight away. Also many of the buds look discoloured on the outside. As I only have a patio everything is in containers. I´m trying to be careful with the watering. It is getting very hot here now - over 30 degrees centigrade but I have constructed a shade covering for them so they are not in direct sun but still have plenty of air around them. Any suggestions would be very welcome. Many thanks.


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Kate,
This mostly happens with overwatering, but as you say you are careful with the watering, doesn't seem likely. They do prefer to be watered in the mornings, if wilting at the end of the day just carefully spray the foliage with water.
Are you sure it doesn't have any aphids etc on it, look underneath the leaves to see if any are visible.

It might just be that it is a weaker variety than the others and cannot take the heat. - Kath :)

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kfortune(Valencia, Spain)

Thanks Kath,
I´m wondering if maybe I was a bit too lavish with the water to begin with although for weeks now I have been very careful. I´ve had a good look under the leaves and can´t see anything although I have spotted some tiny spiders on the soil. On looking more closely at the other two plants I think they are all suffering from the same problem. I´ll try and put some photos in the gallery but have never done this before. Should I deadhead all the damaged buds or leave them? One more question, I can´t find any 20-20-20 or tomato feed locally. I have found a 9-9-9, would that be ok to use?

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Kate,
Yes remove all the damaged blooms. It sounds as if it was a combination of too much water in the beginning and now the temperature of over 30c. It was 32c here yesterday and by the end of the day the ones in the hanging baskets looked awful, but are all perked up this morning, they just do not like this type of heat I'm afraid.

Yes it's ok to use 9-9-9, dilute it to half strength and use twice a week.

Don't know what those tiny spiders are, but just to make sure, I'd spray the soil just once with a bit of insecticide, best to do this during the coolest part of the day when there is absolutely no sun shining on the plants. Kath:)

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kfortune(Valencia, Spain)

Thanks once again Kath. I´ve deadheaded, sprayed and fed so hopefully now they will feel a bit better and start producing healthy blooms. Within a week here there has been an 8 degree celcius increase in temperatures. Temperatures are already in excess of 35 and this is only June! I´ve set up humidity trays which someone suggested and I´m misting in the evening.

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I am also having a problem with some buds on my Fuchsia,
but it is more of an insect problem . I have noticed recently tiny holes in side of buds. I haven't seen any insects on them. Any ideas? possibly a systemic sprayed on them, which would get rid of any chewing critters.

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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Fernzilla

We sometimes have a problem here in the UK with wasps chewing a hole in the buds, makes a mess of the show plants and I have to take mine into the greenhouse to protect against this.

Not sure however whether this could be your problem but I am sure it is probably something similar.


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