When can I expect flowers from cuttings?

mike-mJune 14, 2009

Last summer, I purchased a large, hanging basket fuchsia.

Come winter, I took lots of cuttings before first freeze.

Some were woody, and some were soft tip growth, (I hadn't gotten to do any research yet at that point). I rooted them by placing the cuttings in pots of soil and kept them very moist all winter. I now have three pots from these cuttings, each with 4-6 plants in them, but over the winter they grew fairly long and gangly, hanging 6-8 inches below the pots. They are now starting to make a lot of new growth up top, and I wanted to know if I should prune them back now. Also, when can I expect buds? Thanks.

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PINCH PINCH PINCH! Everywhere you pinch...2 new shoots will form resulting in twice as many flowers! Usually pinching season starts when they start to leaf out in spring and contiinues until the begining of June. You can pinch now and get flowers in a couple of months. You can propagate whatever you pinch. They flowers on the season's new grawth, that's why pinching is essential. Hope that helps!

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