Fuchsia Dropping Buds

BeckielleJune 9, 2012

Hi. I've had a hanging Voodoo Fuchsia plant for almost a month now (live in southern CA) & it just started dropping buds only & the buds still hanging on seem limp or dry. When I first got it - it wilted a little and dropped a lot of flowers. I've since started a routine of checking the soil in the morning, misting & rotating and usually watering every other day. It really perked up & started budding everywhere. The only place I have for it right now is under a west facing overhang which could be the problem - it doesn't get any direct sun until 3-4pm though and even then only on a portion of the plant but I'm worried that the heat generated from the harsh western rays could be scorching it. I noticed buds beginning to drop and drooping on the sun facing side a couple of days ago after a pretty hot day - mid 80s. It's going to get a lot hotter than that in the coming weeks so I'm doubly worried! What should I do to keep this Fuchsia going?

Will be adding recent photos:


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It has also been pretty windy.

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