bring fuchsias to the usa

davewJune 2, 2008

hi do any body know what the rules are for bringing plants into the states of course they would only be fuchsias

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I don't know about bringing Fuchsias into the United States from the United Kingdom but when I imported Michaelmas Daisies from the England into Canada a few years back I had to have an import permit($35), had to pay for a phytosanitary certificate that accompanied the M.D.'s which were just bare root cuttings no soil and they had to go through plant inspection and customs before I got them. There is quite a strict process in importing plants from another country. To import Fuchsias from the U.S. into Canada at present (this could change) we don't have to have an import permit just the phyto. To import from England I don't know if I'd need to also have the permit. All imported plants have to go through inspection and customs. I found in most cases when I have imported things that had to have both import permits and phytos when everything was totaled up including duty and taxes it worked out about double what the plants sold for an e.g. 36 plants at $6 each = $216x2= $432 canadian, not cheap but if you want to import plants that's pretty much what it's going to cost you. I have imported Fuchsias from the states if the plants are more than 5 or 6 days in the mail they start to go down hill.

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hi aftermidnight very help full as you proberly worked out we are in the process of coming back to the usa i just cant leave all my fuchsias back here as some of them you cant buy in the usa any way they are all my friends and need to be cared for dave

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

I would suggest you get in contact with your department of Agriculture for more information. It's the soil more than anything that they worry about, some plants that are imported into the US and Canada from England have come as rooted cuttings in rock wool cubes. Check and see if you can bring unrooted cuttings back with you if you have them inspected and you get a phytosanitary certificate stating they are free of any virus or diseases.
I found a way to send cuttings to a friend that really worked, take your unrooted cuttings wrap a piece of dampened paper towel around the cut end leaving the leaves uncovered, place the cuttings into airtight ziplock bags, close them leaving just enough space to insert a straw, blow as much air into the bag as you can and then seal it. The air cushions the cuttings they don't get crushed and the moisture in the wet toweling keeps the humidity up. Write the variety name on the bag. I did a test doing this with some cuttings, I put some cuttings done this way in a box in the dark for 5 days, when I opened the box they looked better than when I put them in. I also found one in its bag on my greenhouse floor that had been done two weeks previous LOL, it was in good condition too.
I know what you mean about not wanting to lose some of your varieties you won't be able to replace. If you treat your fuchsias with a fungicide/insecticide combo and you have them inspected and get a phyto to state they are disease free you just might be able to bring some cuttings in if not plants. Check with your dept. of Ag. and good luck.

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thanks aftermidnight some good ideas we are hoping to make the move in the winter months so the plants should be resting and should travel better if i pack them well we should be ok do you know of a fuchsia grower in the states i know you are in canada i will be going to texas bye for now

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Dave, depending on where in Texas you'll be it gets pretty hot down there, so this alone might decide which Fuchsias you'll be able to grow. There's quite a list of heat tolerant Fuchsias, but they all have their limits. The triphylla types and the Angels Earrings might be your best bet.
Two mail order Fuchsia Nurseries that I know of are The Earthworks Fuchsias and Monnier's Country Gardens, they both have extensive lists. I'm sure there are a few more maybe someone else can chime in.

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hi aftermidnight thanks for the info we will be in the houston area i know its hot have spent many hours in the heat still beats being cold i though the hardy plants would be ok to if i planted them deep so the roots were cool and of course the triphlla types which i hapen to like i hoping to find a shady garden for them to grow in fingers crossed thanks for the nurseries that will be a great help have a good day dave

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