Fuschsia without flowers

jamie_e(4)June 24, 2005

Hi everyone...

I have two fuschsias, but one will not flower. I have one that is about 3 years old that is flowering fine, but the other that is about a year old is not.

This past fall, I trimmed both back, trimmed the roots back and then repotted. The one that is not flowering did flower a few times over the winter but nothing since.

In both cases the growth has been heavy (ie the leaves).

Any ideas?



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tightathome(Yorks - UK)

Hi Jamie

Usually when a plant has plenty of foliage it has an in-balance with the feeding/food in that it is or has been given excess nitrogen. To get flowers you should feed every other watering at half strength with a high potash feed (tomato feed).

If you have plenty of new growing tips, the plant will eventually flower, however dependant on the time that you last stopped (pinched) those tips it could be up to 14 weeks after the last stop again depending on the type of fuchsia ~(single/double/Triphylla or species).

Trimming back the roots will also delay the flowering.

I think that it is just a case of giving the plant some feed and some time.

Hope this helpsÂÂ.


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