wilting fuschia

Lynn695(5)June 18, 2013

Can anyone suggest what to do for my wilting fuschia? I bought it 11 days ago and replanted it into a bit of a bigger pot. It had lots of buds but no flowers yet. I am keeping it indoors in my front porch where it is shaded and receiving fresh air. I think I might have over watered it because the root ball looked healthy but now the leaves and buds are wilting. However the main stems feel strong. Do I let it go without water for a while and see what happens? Or should I cut it back and if so....how much?

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How much do you water it? Are its leaves turning yellow? It could be a matter of drainage. Fuchsias love water, they just don't want to be swimming in it. Since you replanted it, check to see that the holes at the bottom of the pot allow excess water to run out. Damp soil is good, but not wet soil. It's also possible you are not watering it enough. Assuming good drainage, if my fuchsias wilt, I water them.

My experience is limited with these fantastic plants. Maybe someone with more knowledge will come along to further advise you, but I hope I helped.

Here is a link that might be useful: Care for Fuchsias in Hanging Baskets and Containers

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This is a thread regarding overwatering, answered by more experienced people.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gardenweb

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