joanna325June 3, 2006

I'd never even heard of a Fuchsia until I went to the nursery today, and even then I had to ask exactly what it was when we were checking out. The pink and purple blooms caught my eye (it has TONS) and I fell in LOVE. Maybe its a Dollar Princess... maybe its a Royal Velvet... who knows!

However.. I have no experience in growing plants and I want to make sure I don't kill this poor thing! I know it doesn't need direct afternoon sun, but since the summers here are horrible can I bring the plant inside in the afternoon? And will Miracle Grow kill it or should I use a different kind of fertilizer? How much water is too much?

Is there any hope for a Fuchsia to grow way down here in Southeast Alabama?

Love all the gorgeous pix in the gallery too!! I am addicted now! :)

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rain1950(W. WA z8)

I live in fuschia central. If it's a Dollar Princess; it's an upright bush. Don't know how large of a pot it's in, but this one gets large. Miracle Grow will work; feeding once a month. they like plenty of water but not soggy so a well draining planting mix is a must. It can take a couple hours of direct morning or evening sun, but no midday sun in your area. They like cool nights and humidity, try keeping the pot standing in a tray of gravel that you keep wet.

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I bought it from the nursery in a hanging basket. And today the dang birds have been trying to make a nest in it! Maybe I should've just gotten a silk plant. lol

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