Recommendations for windy area

ladyver(9)February 11, 2011

I live in North Orange County, CA, and need a recommendation for an attractive, nicely scented large shrub/medium tree. We can amend the soil to be whatever it needs to be, but the small slope currently supports a lot of tropicals. The plants growing lower to the ground are protected from the wind, but anything over 3 feet is going to get hammered by occasional days of gusty winds (75mph) that occur maybe 7 days max out of the year. Unfortunately I didn't think about that before I planted a Flamethrower palm there, and we're going to have to move it and hope we can salvage it. So I need to fill the area where the plam was removed. Any ideas? The area is partly shady. I already have osmanthus fragrans, looking for something different. I was hoping for Michelia Alba, but I think it might be too picky and the wind might do it in.

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Michelia alba will get shredded by wind like that. I'd go for something with small leaves, preferably a desert plant like:

callistemon citrinus
sophora secundiflora
vitex agnis-castis or rotundifolia

Don't forget shrubby herbs like lavender, sage, agastache, etc., they'll all do fine in wind.


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