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mudrnner(zone 4/5 NY)June 17, 2007


I bought a beautiful fuschia back in May. It was loaded with buds and flowers and has continued to look gorgeous. Recently, most of the buds seemed to have finished blooming and I don't see any more coming. Should I prune it back? It is healthy, nice green foliage, not too spindly, maybe a couple of long stems, but that is it. I have been good with watering and have only fertilized once since I got it (I've had it about a month). Any suggestions to get this baby blooming again? Thanks.

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>>have only fertilized once since I got it

How did you fertilize it?

Frequent feedings with a water-soluble type fertilizer will encourage new growth, and new growth encourages blooming because they bloom on new growth.

Fuchsias are more or less "everblooming" as long as conditions are good (not too hot, not too cold), but sometimes they need a rest after heavy bloom. If temperatures are too high as they are in many parts of the country at the moment, they will get sluggish.

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