Revive a Gardenia

erictFebruary 13, 2009

I have a gardenia with no leaves. Will it live?

There's still some green stem left!

(I've snapped off some dead wood, praying for new leaves)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Erict,

I wish I had an answer for you...but the fact that you said there are still green stems left is a very good sign, right? I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I would trim the dead wood with some pruning shears till you see live wood, you might get some new growths?

You can always check the roots for root rot, or wait till spring if you think the plant can survive that long. Maybe your soil is staying too "wet". What type of soil are you using? If you're using soil with a lot of peat, you might have to add some coarse perlite, small pine bark, small gravel to make it more fast draining. Just some suggestions...

I would let the soil dry out before giving it a good drink. Don't fertilize till you see new growths, then add a diluted 1/4 strenght to start out slowly... Good luck!

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I will sacrifice a philodendron to the gardenia gods for you! This should help. :)

To make yourself feel better, read the suicidal gardenia thread, you are not alone!

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i would not expect so. once it drops all leaves, they usually don't recover.
they will be in the garden center shops in a couple of months and are usually cheap in our area.
is it living outside? they are tender in zone 7 and we did have some record low temps this winter.

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They are tender in any zone!!!

I have friends that do all they think they are suppose to do to theirs, that live on tropical regions, their perfect enviroment, and they still croak without any warning....Arg

Yet we still love them, don't we? We ALL want to accomplish the feat of growing one anywhere we live. Thye smell so nice, especially if they make it through winter, when we can finally give them the outdoors.
I guess it can be a fun challange, until it dies though. I know the pain. But I also know the joys with the ones that I have looking pretty nice, even this time of year..:-)

Seems like for me, it has been easier to care for mine that are all in 8 inch pots and smaller. They have been flowering all winter. But the big ones, they seem to be high maintainence. I don't understand this...


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not really, mike.
there are some in my area that are a good 12' tall and i am sure they were probably planted in the 50's when the houses were built. they humorously call them "cemetery shrubs" down here as it was an old, common practice to plant them near the headstones. not much in the way of care provided in a situation like that.
they seem to thrive here in hot, humid zone 8. must be a preferred enviornment with our scorching summers, mild winters and acidic soil. of course, the climate is suited for all sorts of exotics which have become invasive pests.
gardenias, unfortunatley, have not exhibited that inclination but they are beloved garden subjects.

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Stop it Jeff,

Your making me jelous!lol

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