Dark Eyes, Lisa & Blacky

rjez1999(USDA10/Sunset16)June 16, 2008

I recently purchased these and I'm unsure which ones are the best for which area.

Dark Eyes - sounds like the best for a hanging planter? I intend to place the hanger under a Mayten tree for lots of light but no direct sunlight. The specimen I purchased seems VERY upright ... could it be a mislabeled Voodoo?

Lisa - She's definitely trailing. She didn't like the morning sun on the porch, but we DID have a heat wave and she was previously acclimated near the ocean. How long should I test her here or move?

Blacky - Impulse purchase. Love the chocolate coloring. How much sun can Blacky tolerate? As an upright, I'm eager to place her in a mixed planter.

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hi dark eyes is a bush plant it will survive out side in the winter in mild areas if you think you have voodoo it will be a double as dark eyes is a single lisa is for sure a trailer a double so try to keep the flowers dry as if not they will turn brown in days it would like some shade at the miday time but plenty of waer and feed it should bloom for ages blacky is a bush plant that doest like to be in full sun all day as were you live it will take the colour right out of the flowers ot will make a good plant for a summer beding display but its not hardy for the winter months happy growing

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Thanks so much for the info!

Darn - I thought Dark Eyes was a double. I adore the double blooms and I've been told I should have better luck since we're on the Peninsula and do get slightly cooler breezes.

I have a few other fuschias and it's amazing how well they've done considering I knew nothing about care.

Every time a branch broke, I'd cut and place back in soil and it's always rooted. I've been extremely fortunate.

So now I'm determined to take better care and see what happens.

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hi im pleased to here you will give your fuchsias more love and care as they will reward you ten times over through spring and summer cuting will root very well and you can increase your plants do you have plant exchange out there thats a good way to get more plants.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Just adding my two cents, the Dark Eyes I have is a double, it is classed as a bush or lax upright. I grow mine in a basket with good results. Unfortunately sometimes Fuchsias get mislabeled, the link below shows the Dark Eyes I have. Voodoo is classed as an upright. With a lot I have at times I weight the branches down to make them hang more by placing clothes pins on the stems between leaf joints near the ends. Don't pinch the stem, leave it so the c.p. is free to move. If you decide to try this, withhold water until the branches droop just a little, after you've done the clothes pin thing, water your Fuchsia, leave the c.p. on for a week or so, then remove.
I noticed you're in Z10, how do Fuchsias do for you? Most Fuchsias don't fare to well when the temperature gets high.
There are some that can take the higher temps, the triphylla types, and there are the Angel Earrings. Good luck with your new plants and watch out they're addictive :o).

Here is a link that might be useful: Dark Eyes

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I recently purchased a big beautiful dark eyes as a hanging basket. It seems to be doing quite well so far hanging from a somewhat shaded porch,the nights are cool here(50-65)and the days are around 80 and will reach in the 90's for about a month. I would love to try and keep this plant over the winter if at all possible. I read that I could cut it down and keep it in a dark place that has no frost for the winter. My cellar is dark,but our winters are long and extremely cold. Any suggestions?

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hi im not to sure about this dark eyes thing in the uk its seams to be diferant to the states any way dark eyes or not the same applies you will need to feed your plant twice a week though the summer as fuchsias like good food miricle grow will do the job i would leave it out till the first frosts start then prune about half way take the leaves off spray with a bug killer or soak the whole pot in pravardo this will kill of all nasties in the pot then find some were frost free and leave till the spring i always check my plants once a month to make sure they havent dried out its best to keep the compost moist but not wet as a rule two egg cups should do the trick in the spring prune hard back when you see new growth at the base of the plant and away you go if you wanted when you cut it back in the autum place the cut pieces in a pot put aplastic bag over them and you will increase your plants they will take most of the winter to root as its colder

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