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Ariel73(z9FL)February 14, 2005

I am placing an order to Nurcar for

1 magnolia figo-skinneriana and

1 osmanthus fragrans- fudingzhu

I have heard people on this forum talk about these 2 plants so I am very excited about them. For those of you who have these 2 plants, are they as great as the description, really fragrant/must have for fragrant lovers? Is there anything else from them you would reccomend?

I am also a little scared of what the shipping is going to be, I hope it isn't too bad.

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mehitabel(z6 MO)

Hi, Ariel. I have the skinneriana and the fudingzhu as well as the generic figo and osmanthus.

The named varieties from Nurcar are definitely superior to the generics.

The O. fudingzhu blooms in much-larger clusters, many, many of them at once, and over a long period. The difference essentially is the size and number of flower clusters that bloom at one time. I think Clare posted a picture of hers in bloom.

My m. figo skinneriana bloomed nonstop from app September thru January (indoors). The flowers indoors were not very fragrant, but this is not surprising given indoor winter conditions here. The flowers that bloomed while it was outdoors in the fall were a wonderful, strong, sweet fragrance.

I absolutely love the fragrance of both the figo and the skinneriana. IMO, the skinneriana fragrance is a bit stronger and sweeter than the fragrance on the generic, but they were not blooming at the same time, so I was comparing a scent to a memory of a scent.

The flowers on the skinneriana are fragrant in the daytime while the generic is fragrant only after dusk.

Another superiority of the skinneriana over the generic figo is that the generic loses leaves at the drop of a hat and the skinneriana doesn't.

I think you will be delighted with them, especially in FLA, where they can be outdoors all winter.

About the shipping--when you call them, ask what the shipping will be.

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I agree with what Mehitabel said. You won't be disappointed. My M. figo var. skinneriana is blooming now, and the fragrance is wonderful!

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Mehitabel & Clare
Thanks for the replys. Well my order will be shipped monday. I am soo excited!!! Now to decide where to plant them.

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I also ordered skinneriana and few other plants from that nursery, they are going to ship them on Monday. For me I have to maintain them in containers. I will let you know when I receive the shipment on the plant size and condition. Hoping for a nice bush with buds :)

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