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andybasilJune 16, 2005

Hi, I hope I've picked the right forum! I've got a beautful mature fuchsia (bush), at the front of my home which needs to be moved because builders are about to extend. We currently clip the plant to a height of around six foot and it has many shoots rising from the ground. We only want to move it eight feet away and cannot bear the thought of killing it off. What is your best advice, is the root ball likely to be huge/delicate/multi etc..

Bearing in mind I'm a complete garden dunce I will accept your best suggestions and will take enormous care to give the plant the best chance. Thank you.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Andy,

This really is the wrong time of the year to be moving it, Spring, after all risk of frost has gone would have been better.

With a fuchsia this size you will find an awful lot of tap roots, long thick and brown, these are to anchor the fuchsia in the ground, the smaller white roots are the feeder roots, which you need for the plant to survive.

As you say it HAS to be moved, here's the best way to move it for chance of survival after transplanting.

1. The day before give it plenty of water.
2. Cut all the top growth off, leaving about a foot.
3. With a spade, 'chop/dig' around the plant, approximately
1 foot away from the middle of the plant.
4. Try to keep it in a clump, as you ease it out of the
ground, cut off any long tap roots.
5. Replant it into a hole that is at least 4 to 6 inches
deeper than it is planted at the moment, place into
same and water thoroughly, keep moist, don't let the
surrounding soil dry out.

Hopes this helps you - Kath:)

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