no growth on cuttings

westcoastgrowerDecember 5, 2010

i planted some cuttings about 1 month ago, they have roots now but no significant growth. i have them inside my home,

how long does it take them to put out leaves. and can you guys post pics of your figs.

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Roots are the very first important event with fig cuttings!
Leaves should come up later (days/weeks? - figs do vary...).
Some even produce leaves before roots - but may eventually
die later (no roots - means no moisture/no-stored-energy left).

Be patient...
You are in a good fig first propagation stage...
Maybe supply some more heat/vented-moisture/light???

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I have one cutting with leaves then grow 2 roots and is planted in soil mix. The other two has leaves but no roots to speak off. I keep the two in wet paper towels until I see roots. If no roots probably will die.

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