Growing Daphne Eternal Fragrance in subtropics

rexedwardfairy(Zone 11)February 18, 2012

Hi, a few weeks ago I purchased a Daphne Eternal Fragrance from the local nursery. It's apparently hardier than other daphnes and supposedly tolerates subtropical conditions. It's not loving said subtropical conditions.

Yes, yes admittedly we didnt get off to a great start: it got rained on for 15 days nonstop (while nearby towns evacuated and what not due to flooding) but that was a few weeks ago, and it's still presenting yellowed leaves (entire leaf yellow - vein and inter-vein).

I've given it worm juice (other plants say "ooooh yum yum, more please, see all these new things I grow on me when you feed me worm juice" but it says "didnt notice, here's a yellow leaf for you".

I've decided to give it my Secret Gardenia Growing Recipe (which upon employing it has never seen another gardenia give me yellow leaves again!), that involves sitting the pot on crocks to ensure super good drainage, daily watering, worm juice, AND the occasional epsom salts foliar spray. Actually i dont think i epsom-salted the Daphne. This has made a SLIGHT difference, not much. But there is NO new growth on this thing. It just seems to be stagnating and giving me a yellow leaf each day. It's in strong morning sun and dappled midday-mid-arvo sun and then shade.

As i say, i cant find 'general' instructions anywhere for getting this plant happy. Any advice is appreciated.

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