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matthookJune 12, 2012

i got two fuschia plants from walmart repotted them in hanging baskets.Three weeks later i fertilizied them and now the main shoots are turning brown some of the leaves are dead and none of the buds are blooming. they still have alot of buds on them but they dont open. The temps have been between 60 at night and 90 during the day i have been watering them every three days. i have them facing north so they get the evening sun. i live in missouri not sure whats happening to them. any help would be great!!! thanks ahead of time

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mytime(3/4 Alaska)

Our temps are no where near that warm, and I have to water my fuschia baskets every 2-3 days. Are the fuschias wilting? Fuschia like cool weather. A few leaves dying is no big deal. The main shoots turning brown (but not limp) might be the older stems getting woody, which is a good thing...that's what survives past the first year. Buds not opening could have several reasons...not enough water, or watering inconsistently, too much heat, possibly too much fertilizer (or other chemicals)at one time, insects, fungi, bacteria...the list goes on and on. Could you post a picture? It might be possible that they aren't getting enough light, too. We have more daylight than you, and if I put my plants on the north side of the house, I have to move them back to the west side after a while to get them to keep blooming.

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