Lowes perennials on $1 clearance table!

schoolhouse_gwOctober 12, 2012

Went with Mom to buy new blinds and we just had to check out the garden dept. Big mistake. Whole tables of perennials for $1, others 50% off. I'm not a big can of planting perennials this late in Fall but I picked up two blue Speedwell with somewhat sad foliage but lots of small new growth at the bottoms. Many of the other plants were still blooming well enough. If I had any luck with Asters I'd brought home some from the $1 clearance rack, too. Would love to get some started down in the orchard but rabbits eat them off in the Spring every darn time.

For $10, someone could buy enough plants for a new bed or border or to refresh an older one. I think mulching well would help beat the odds of them not returning next Spring.

For me, I'm in no mood to dig anymore beds this year.

I didn't think Lowes had a very good selection of Fall bulbs this year. What is left is already on clearance and hardly look picked over. I wonder if people are just not into bulbs now.

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I think a lot of us are still fighting Varmints like skunks,squirrels,racoon's etc and are just plain frustrated.

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Could be Kathi. I just remember how Lowes used to have these big tall boxes on the floor filled with bags and bags of daffodil bulbs - for not much money. Of course you had to watch because out of a bag of 80 bulbs, maybe a dozen (or more) would be shriveled up. The selection of tulips was more varied. Now what they do offer are more than not in combos with other colors or even other bulb varieties. I do recall the last several years though many bulbs ended up on the clearance rack.

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