Fuchsia species

kenandbea(Zone 8 or 9)July 29, 2007

I am growing a few of the F. species and would like to find sources for seeds or cutting or even small plants of some others.I have F. Bolivianna both the red and white,F. paniculata, F. splendens, and F.denticulata.

Are there any good sources out there for this? The ones I have are young and not in bloom yet although I do expect a couple of them to bloom before summers end.I would be happy to trade seed with anyone who has a species type of seed.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hi Bea,
Small world, I've got the same species you have with the exception of paniculata. I bought arborescens, but it lost it's leaves over the winter and hasn't started to sprout, the last time I checked the cambium layer was still green, not sure it's arborescens though, what most people are growing as arborescens is really paniculata.
I do have F. procumbens though, this guy is really easy from seed. I'll start a cutting for you. Email me if you're interested. Bye the way the Hoya cuttings are doing great, one I wasn't sure of so took another cutting from the original and so far it's looking good. The H. Bella variegata is sprouting in several places :o))).


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kenandbea(Zone 8 or 9)

Yeaaahhhh! now that is what I like to hear is sucess stories. My Hoyas are doing great too. Almost all have some new growth so now we need to see them grow up and bloom.

Yes please do start me a cutting of your F. procumbens. I have tried seed and I think it was old so no sprouts. I would be happy with seed too if that is easier. Everything else around the F. procumbens sprouted so I think it must have been old. So many things just do not do well in storage.

Hmmm I thought it was the other way around on the F. paniculata and F.arborescens. I heard it was the arborescens that was the common one. Just what I heard, and I really don't know for sure.There isn't a lot of info out there about these two. I am hoping mine will bloom this summer. I started all of my fuschia's from seed. At first they are so tiny but they finally have taken off in their second year.

We are heading out for a bit of a holiday this week so I will get in touch when I get back:)


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We probably all have similar collections, because certain species tend to make the rounds. Getting them from Fuchsia-growing friends seems to be the easiest way to find them. I don't have paniculata or arborescens, although I have in the past. I lost it to a nasty disease that hits my garden in the spring during cool, damp weather.

My F. regia has berries on it, so we're just waiting for them to ripen before I send some to AfterMidnight. I could send some to Bea too.

I also have F. campos-portoi, which looks almost identical to F. magellanica other then being finer-leaved and smaller-flowered than a typical magellanica. Undoubtably closely-related. I am particularly fond of my two specimens of F. magellanica; one has smaller-than-usual blossoms but the plant is hardier, and the sepals spread out instead of drooping like on some cultivars. The other one is forma molinae popularly known to many as "mag-alba" (the flowers are neither magenta nor alba, but pale purplish-pink), which gets BIG in my climate.

My F. denticulata is blooming, and my but isn't it garish-looking. Let's see, it's red, salmon, orange, and neon green. I think the same plant is sold retail under the cultivar name of "Neon Tricolor". My wife loves it. It does attract the eye, certainly.

I have another one, similar but the leaves are shaped different, that isn't blooming yet. I've forgotten which species. If it doesn't bloom soon it might not matter!

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Well on my list of species there is procumbens, fulgens, denticulata, splendens, bolivianna, bolivianna alba, bolivianna 'Pink Cornet' my arborescens? bit the bullet, but I do have a rooted cutting of it. If I can only get it to bloom so that I can see what shape it's tube is I might have a better idea which one it really is. I also have a couple of fuchsias that are specie crosses Lechlade Gorgon a cross between paniculata and arborescens, Space Shuttle a cross between x speciosa and splendens and x speciosa a cross between splendens and fulgens. I don't know if or when I'll get some viable seed from my species let me know if your interested. I know I keep looking to add to my species collection. I find them fascinating.


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Splendens...that's the other one. It's growing along just fine but not blooming yet for some reason. I only bought it this spring so I do not have any experience with it. How hardy is it?

No magellanica? Surely a magellanica? The most common species...it lives forever and even seeds...quite common in old gardens here around Puget Sound.

var Molinae is hardier than usual and doesn't usually freeze back here (although it can). As a result it gets BIG. It's from the island of Chiloe, probably in the rainforest which might be why it is so hardy (plants with high tolerance for rainfall usually perform better in our winters). Unfortunately it's starting to get replaced in the trade with its hybrid offspring from the UK (some of which, I can't see what the "improvement" is supposed to be).

I should post some pix. Most of my Fuchsias are blooming along nicely now.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

atash, I grow all my species in pots and they all winter in the greenhouse so don't know if splendens is even hardy up here. I do have one magellanica, versicolor. The only hardy I have planted out is Hawkshead, I plan on planting out the magellanica shortly. Hawkshead has come through the last 2 winters but another supposedly hardy didn't. I've been looking for molinae haven't found it yet. Finding fuchsia's up here that aren't misnamed is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I was patting myself on the back for finding several that were on my want list, they were all misnamed. The commercial growers seem to stick in any old name tag that's handy, after all they are only basket stuffers up here it seems. I thought I had found Devonshire Dumpling Ha, when it bloomed it turned out to be Eusebia. The only way I have any luck is buying from a Fuchsia nursery.


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