Help with fuchsia - is this botrytis rot??

merseygalJuly 8, 2013

Hi all
I planted this fucshia end of May, all seemed well, lots of buds appeared & flowers, then it got greenfly & spider mite, I used provado to sort them out, making sure I didn't get any open flowers as best I could. I noticed recently that some of the flowers were what I thought dying, so I removed them, I've checked again at the wknd & the whole plant is coveted the same, no new buds at all, had my plant got botrytis rot??
I did dig a larger soiled area for it over a week ago as the slugs were climbing the grass to get it, I've put slug pellets down & a pebbled border, but the flowers had gone rotted looking before that!!
I'm new to gardening & was so proud I'd grown a shrub & now it looks awful, can anyone help??

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Looks very healthy except for the eaten flowers -- damage probably done when they were buds.

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