Figs rooting faster than I thought

polyphemus(7)December 28, 2011

After two years of trial and error trying to root figs and having little success I decided to try something new this year and have over accomplished I fear. The first year I tried the plastic bag method with no results and after 2 months I gave up. Early this year I just planted cuttings in pots with potting soil and compost and after 2 months I had 4 out of about 40 plants with roots that were too small to see but they survived planting so all was not lost. This year I put my cuttings in plastic shoe boxes with moist sphagnum moist and you'll never guess what happened.....well maybe you will. Expecting it to take 2 months or more to have any roots at all I was surprised when I peeked after 18 days and all of my cuttings had roots some up to 2 inches long. I expected to transplant them in the spring but I am worried they may need planting sooner. Will they over winter in these boxes on top of the fridge or do I need to pot them up sooner? I also planted a large group in 2 liter bottles and I am afraid they are way ahead of schedule too. Guess I should have waited. But the good news is that I still have back-up cuttings inside the fridge that I was holding in reserve in case these didn't pan out.

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samuelforest(5b Montreal)

Plant them now, I rooted mine in just regular potting mix and after a month (november), I had roots on it. Now, it have been transplanted in a pot and it has leaves now.

Samuel Forest

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jaz50y(z6 NJ)

My first try from my first tree - I just put the cutting in a cup of water a month ago, and now I have nubby roots, and a fig starting! I guess I should move to a pot with potting soil. Do I also dip in Rootone?

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Jaz, you'll want to remove that fig from the cutting. Let the energy go into leaves, the fruit won't amount to anything anyway. It will most likely be detrimental to the health of the cutting.

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jaz50y(z6 NJ)

OK, thx. From reading I have concluded that I should pot it in some perlite for now.

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My advice is plant them now and put them under grow lights if you have them or in south facing window if you don't. You could use the 2 liter bottles if you have them. By march or april they should have a whole bunch of roots and you could plant them outside at that point. If you don't have the space for that, you could use 16 oz plastic drink cups (make sure you cut holes out of the bottom) for at least a month before they start to become root bound. But don't leave them in the sphagnum because before long you will just have a big tangled mess of roots and it will be nearly impossible to separate them.

Good luck,


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Awesome post! Finally someone complaining that the fig cuttings are growing TOO FAST! Just, wow. I don't do it your way, but I am going to use your method next time.

You rock. Thanks for the information!

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I have only tried doing cuttings once and I just stuck them in water in an old milk container placed it in the shade and in a couple months I had great roots. I did not do anything except make sure the water kept a good level. I did wait until spring with winter temps getting just above freezing a few times with no damage to the branch or the roots.

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