How cold can Michelia Alba handle?

toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)February 26, 2013

I read somewhere that Michelias originated from the Himalayas? How much frost can they handle? I am at USDA z8b with winter of 15F-20F, snow from time to time but not covered by snow for months.

Can alba handle that? If not how about Champaca?

Thanks for helping.

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Hi, not very cold at all! Although they grow in the Himalayas they grow in warm sheltered valleys i believe champaca is slightly less tender than Alba they may take a short cold snap at around freezing point any more than that and they will die or have dieback! I have tried a michelia Alba outside here in the uk where it often gets to around 23f ( -5c) and the plant did not survive :( now all my michelias par Michelia Doltsopa are kept in a heated greenhouse in winter kept just above freezing point (35f)
But being from England we seem to have a longer wetter colder winter then most :(
old post keeping michelias

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toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)

That is too bad. Sounded unless I pot them, they won't survive.

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