ID please!

Catlet(Ireland (Louth))July 27, 2004

any clues as to what this is, anyone? i'm trying to find out if it'd survive in my garden, i think it's lovely:



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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Caitriona,
It looks like Annabel, does it grow a bit lax compared to a stiff upright grower? It is not officialy hardy but I know many people who have grown it in the garden and it has survived the winter in my area zone 8. You are zone 9 so it should be OK. If you plan to leave it in the garden, always take a couple of cuttings to overwinter should it not survive - Kath :)

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Lovely picture Caitriona. Is it posted from a website or an on-line photo album?

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Catlet(Ireland (Louth))

Thanks for that, Kath. To be honest it's hard to tell what it's like, it's been hiding under an enormous shrub in my parents' garden for years. It doesn't get pruned regularly and when it does it's generally at the wrong time of year and it gets a bit mangled (my parents aren't enthusiastic gardeners!) so it's a bit of a mess at the moment.
Ian, I stuck the photo in some free webspace I got with my email account, it's not a photo album as such, I haven't bothered setting one of those up yet. I might sort something out this afternoon, it'll fill in the time till i can go home to my garden : )

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Thanks for your reply. I'm dithering about which way to go. Website, photo album, or what? It would have to be simple....... as I am a simple person!!

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Catlet(Ireland (Louth))

From what I've seen albums can be handy; you can just upload the pictures and not worry about code. The one I looked at yesterday offers an option to make particular collections of photos available for general viewing, so you can link to a set of garden photos, say, without making your family photos available to everyone. I think that's a great idea.
I think I'll probably build a website instead though, as I'm a programmer so wouldn't have a problem with coding. That way you get far more control over things like adding text and grouping pictures, plus you get to make it look pretty : )

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Hi Caitriona,
Thanks for the information and your views, it's appreciated. I've had some software for about 12 months, it's time and courage that are lacking! I think it will have to be a Winter project.
Best Wishes,

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