unexpected fuchia babies?

cathay2July 15, 2007

One of my favorite fuchias is reproducing. While weeding, I noticed a number of small plants coming up in a circle around it. I'm thrilled, but also confused.

Does anyone know if the babies could have been produced by seed? A couple of years ago I did dig this one up and try to divide it. Is it possible I left pieces of root in the ground, and they have now formed new plants?

This is a hardy fuchia, low growing in an arching habit, with reddish stalks and veins and olive green foliage. The flowers are red outside and purple inside. I have a lot of other fuchias in my garden, but the stalks and foliage on the new plants look just like the parent.

Thanks much. I'd appreciate any info on the method of reproduction. Also, would it be a good idea to pot them up now, or to leave them in the ground until fall? It's a bit hot here right now, and I'm concerned that they might now like being moved, but I know that some seedlings need to be moved when tiny.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Do these new growths look fragile? if so they are probably seedlings, if the new growths look like strong new shoots, they are probably coming from pieces of root left behind or offshoots from the mother plant. Did you leave the seed pods on the mother plant? If these babies are of any size I personally would leave them till the weather cools down a bit, then taking as much soil with the root as possible dig and replant immediately. Any more thoughts out there on this? the more information the better.


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A, thanks for responding. The new shoots look pretty sturdy to me. My curiousity got the better of me and I dug one up. I didn't find the tiny new roots you would expect with a seedling. There was one root, and it went sideways back towards mama.
If this was a rhody or blueberry, I would think the new plants were created by layering. But I don't think any of last years fuchsia branches were left low enough to the ground to layer, even if this is a fuchsia trait. I did leave the seedpods on last year, I don't remove them.


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Your plant is most likely branching out below the soil creating a nice clump instead of a single stem.


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A, I didn't know fuchsias did that, but I've only been growing them for a few years.
I potted up the one I dug up. I hope it does ok. Everyone tells me that fuchsias are easy to start from stem cuttings, so I imagine a root cutting with top growth has an even better chance. If the first one feels like it's rooting in a few weeks, I think I may go ahead and try to put up some more. This really is a very nice fuchsia, really sweet in the front of the border, no need for supports, hardy, etc. I would love to have several more of them.


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