Mysterious bug/fungus? Half-dead fuchsia

fuschia_noviceJuly 3, 2011

Hi, This is my first plant, so I'm pretty clueless about what's happening. There are small fuzzy green dots spreading across the whole plant. A friend said it sounds like bugs but I have never seen them move and don't see any legs. About half the plant looks dead (flowers dropped off, leaves wilting) and getting worse by the day. I just sprayed it with safer soap. Should I clean up the dead flowers and leaves from the pot or cut off the dying stems and leaves?

Other details: It's in a pot indoors with a west-facing window (no other options). I've had it about 6 weeks. Initially over fertilized with miracle-gro, then under-watered, then possibly over-watered. Like I said, my first plant so I don't know what I'm doing!

I hope this isn't a repeat; I searched the FAQ and forums and didn't find anything. I really appreciate any tips! The fuchsia is a gift from my girlfriend so I want to keep it alive.

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can you post pictures od said "fuzzy green dots" they might be aphids. are they o nthe bottoms of the leaves?


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