Leaves look bad

twyla3July 30, 2007

I've got two Blue Ribbon Fuchsia starts and have had them for about a month now and they looked fine to start off with but now the leaves are looking a little brown and some are starting to curl. I'm using Apex bloom 14-14-14 and have put some epsom salt in with them. I don't see any infestation and I have them out of the sun. They are on my screened in carport. I water them once a day and have let the water stay in the drain pan,I don't know if that's good or not but they look so droopy sometimes as it's very hot here in South Georgia and humid also.Can anyone help??? Thanks

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Hi twyla, my guess is you need more humidity around your plants, do you have a fogging nozzle for your hose? if you misted your plants a couple of times a day in the hot weather this should help, it also helps lower the temp a bit. Don't leave them sitting in water in their saucers/drainpans, Fuchsia like moist soil, not wet. Fuchsias quite often look droopy in hot weather because the foliage can't take up moisture as fast as it's losing it.
In places where it cools off at night the foliage perks up again when it cools down. Do not water your plants if the soil is still wet, try to increase the humidity around them. Another thing to watch out for when the weather is hot and dry is spidermite, if your plants look like they have very fine cobwebs on them, this is what they have. Hope this helps.


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We have had at least 100% humidity here for the past couple of months and it's been about 92 to 95 degrees outside so I'm just wondering if it's the temperature or something else.I have 2 fuchsia's to a 10 inch plastic pot.I have not given them any other fertilizer yet,just the apex so far.I'll not keep the water in the drainpan anymore,I just recently transferred them from two inch pots to ten and I thought that if I kept the water in the drain pan that it would save them from getting too hot.I just really want these to thrive as they are such beautiful plants. My Delta's look fine but the Blue Ribbon's just started turning brown and curling since I transplanted them..Ugh Pray that I can get them to do something...Thanks

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Twyla, here's a link to a list of Fuchsias that are more heat tolerant. The triphylla types actually like it a little warmer . When you repotted your Fuchsias into the larger pot had the roots filled their original pot yet? Sometimes I double pot some of my plants, this helps keep the roots cooler until the root ball is big enough to plant in the bigger pot.


Here is a link that might be useful: Heat tolerant Fuchsias

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No, they didn't have a root ball.And they(Blue Ribbon's) looked better to me before I tansplanted them. But I'm afraid to move them back into their 2 inch container so I'm going to keep them in the 10 inch one for now and see what they do. I might have to just buy some heat tolerant ones from now on. Thaks,TD

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By doubling do you mean to put a pot into an empty,bigger pot?

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

By double potting I take a pot usually one size bigger than the one the plant is in, put a little soil in the bottom of the larger sized pot, then take the pot with the plant in, place it inside the bigger pot and fill soil in around the sides, or, this might be easier, take the bigger pot, place a little soil in the bottom, place an empty pot, the same size as the one with your plant in the center of the larger pot filling them both with soil. Give them a couple of good taps to settle the soil and then carefully take the smaller pot out, then you take your plant pot and all and put it in the hole left in the bigger pot. Leave it there until the roots have filled but not become root bound in the smaller pot. You can keep on doing this into bigger pots, it will help keep the roots cooler and there is a good chance the plants won't get over watered. Hope this helps.


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