help me locate dwarf citrus

Randy RitchieApril 17, 2008

Hi everybody,

I've had trouble locating dwarf citrus trees (just want a couple for out back) in my area. I've checked with all the closest big box stores here locally, Fort Lauderdale, and nobody has any. Good suggestion on another thread, but here locally, nothing. Been calling around to HD, Lowes, Sears, Target, WalMart, etc. So, if anybody lives close by my area (Dania, Davie, Plantation, etc) and visits big box stores' lawn and garden depts, please mail me if you happen to see some.

Thanks to all.


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There are several nurseries that sell citrus trees in Palm City, the nursery center of the Treasure Coast. Most nurseries are located on or off Martin Highway, at Exit 110 on I-95. Edward Miller Nursery has a large selection, and so does MacKenzies Edible Landscaping right next door. If you don't want to travel that far, visit Excalibur Nursery in Lake Worth, they specialize in citrus and rare fruit trees.

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Randy Ritchie

Thank you so much for your response. I shall look these up. Probably would go to Lake Worth, as that's an easier day trip for me. I really appreciate the info!


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tony_k_orlando(Z9 Fl)


I may not be 100% correct on this however I think ANY citrus tree can be kept at any size you want.

The gardner has ultimate control on the size the plants can maintain, right?

I have seen some real beauties trimmed to about 5 ft tall max and loaded with flowers and fruit yearly. I plan on doing the same with my own citrus tree out back.

If you cant find a dwarf, get the variety you enjoy most and keep them the size you like.


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Jene's Tropicals carries citrus on Flying Dragon Rootstocks, which dwarf the Citrus. Just Fruits and Exotics near Tallahasse and Flying Dragon in Jacksonville carry flying dragons too.

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new2gardenfl(Z9 CentralFL)

Have you considered on tree that has many different varieties grafted onto it?

They are sometimes called fruit salad trees and are expensive, but worth it if you have a tiny yard like mine. I have one tree with lemon, lime, orange, tangerine and tangelo all on one tree that I bought at Lukas. I've seen them for sale at HD.

Fruit salad trees have the added benefit that they are not all ripe at the same time, so it extends the harvest season without a lot of waste.

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Randy Ritchie

I'd love the fruit salad citrus tree if I could find one within an hour's driving distance. Due to little space (only a patio), it would be the best choice if I could find one.

All these nurseries are pretty far from the Fort Lauderdale area. I'm still hunting. Would pay to ship if I could find one that would ship me one of the fruit salad ones.


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msmarion(9aPort St Lucie)

HD or Lowe's will special order for you. You'll have to prepay but it's an option if you can't find what you are looking for.

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Randy Ritchie

Ok, for all you friendly folks, we've succeeded! I appreciate all the helpful suggestions here and have been digging and digging, calling and asking names of other nurseries. Finally found one within an hour's drive with citrus trees, very reputable, and I'm doing the happy dance! Wheeeeeee. Hope to visit within a week or two.


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You can get a fruit cocktail tree at Flamingo Gardens in Davie. I recently bought one there with 5 dif. types of citrus and it is now loaded with Meyer lemons

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

Hi girlsaylor. Great meeting you at Ricky's and I think I have a better idea of what you are looking for.
Before the housing crisis and after they lifted the ban on buying citrus, I couldn't decide if I wanted to buy trees since we could be selling in 5 years. Lisa talked me into it, assuring me the citrus could stay in pots for years. Well we're not going anywhere soon and the trees have done fine in their pots. If anything I would move them up to bigger pots next year.
So you really don't need dwarf citrus if you're looking for lemons or limes. If oranges are what you're after, I would buy the biggest size tree and put it in the biggest pot I could find.(but check with Lisa/gmastiffs first)

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Congrats on obtaining your cocktail tree (a.k.a. fruit salad tree)! For future reference there's a great little nursery in Delray Beach, FL called "Jonny Mango's". It's located on Federal Hwy., north of Atlantic Ave. and they sell a variety of fruit trees, including the cocktail tree. I purchased one from them last year with lemon, persian lime, tangelo, ruby red grapefruit & navel orange. The navel orange graft died but all others are doing well - it gave me yummy limes & lemons this summer. I also got a Kaffir lime tree from them. Both trees remain in their pots (until we are finished renovations at our home) and are doing swimmingly! Hope this helps others in the area.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

What are you using as a media to grow your Citrus?? The question came up on the "Container" forum. The dire warnings were that they are VERY sensitive to overwatering.
have only grown a couple in containers and even those for a short time. The mixture given sounds fantastic but the materials are difficult to find. I don't recall having any particular problems.
All my citrus were ground up by the state and since I lost my small shadehouse to Wilma have thought about putting in a few.
I find it very frustrating in finding stock. Find lots of trees but with tags like "Pink lemon" "Lime kwat" or worst of all Citrus X lol Since there are well over 2000 kinds of citrus most of them man made there would be a bit more info??lol.
With names like that it's very difficult to research them. I went ahead and bought the "Pink " because I feel
confidant that the variagated leaves narrow it down to around 5 all of which are acceptable to me. Got the 2 foot tree for 7 bucks lol.
I particularly wanted Dwarf, everbearing.
The "cocktail trees " sound great but I'm sure the price will scare me lol Got a 3 foot "Lime kwat" for 11.
thanks gary

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