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greenlydiaJuly 20, 2006

A number of years ago I was walking about a nursery center when I spotted this poor dried up wilty plant stuck way back in a corner. I did notice a tiny little bud of green on it and asked the salesperson if I could buy this for really cheap cuz I like to rescue things even tho they still usually die on me, but she said go ahead and just take it, which I did. (She did tell me it was a fuschia "tree") What I know about fuschia "trees" would fit in a gnats........well, nevermind. I don't know anything. I stuck it in a nice shady spot, watered it, gave it some fertilizer, told it I thought it was a really nice plant, and left it to fend for itself. My question, and I do have one, somewhere in here, is.......this thing does not look like a tree at all. It looks like a very low growing shrub with some very tall branches here and there. Right now it has spread out over my lawn about 5 feet, looking like a ground cover, some of it is sticking up in the air and some of it looks like my hair in the morning. It sprouts these really pretty pink fuschia flowers, then in the fall it all dies away and I'm left with a bunch of sticks and in the spring when it starts coming back to life, there are all these "dead" branches and a bunch of new branches and I just don't know what the heck to do with this critter. I cut out the dead stuff but would really like it to stop spreading across the lawn, not that I care about the stupid lawn, but every time I mow, I have to stop and prop up the stuff from the lawn and then un-prop it and I think I would like to know how to make it be a tree if that's what it really wants or needs to be and I'm just not doing anything to help it achieve it's true form. It's also grown big enough that it's kinda squished in the spot I have it. Perhaps I also need to move it so it can do it's thing, which I am so hoping one of you fuschia freaks can tell me what that is. Thanks so much.


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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)

Fuchsia are shrubs, not trees. They can be pruned into standards, however, and this shape has a tree-like appearance. But unless you keep pruning the fuchsia, it will go back to its natural "shruby" shape.

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Thanks for the advice, but should I move this shrub or not? Am I correct in cutting out the dead stuff in the spring? Should I somehow be "propping" it up. How big will this thing get if I give it all the space it wants? Sorry I'm such a twit.

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crazyforcorelli(z5 utah)

Sorry, but personally, I canÂt help you there. I grow my fuchsia in pots, since they wouldnÂt survive the winter outdoors in my locale.


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hello greenlydia. where do you live that you can grow this fuchsia outside? i just bought 9 varieties and now i think i have made a mistake as i am told they don't like heat. i live in texas.

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Greenlydia, go to FAQ. there is a fushia tree there in a pot by my favorite fushia person. Does yours look like this?

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

Some fuchsias are upright and some are trailing, yours sounds like a trailing one so I don't know how it could be trained as a tree unless you tied a branch to a stake and got it to grow to a certain height then got several growing points to make branches. This wouldn't work in a climate where the plant dies to the ground every year. Mine die down to the ground and I have to cut out dead wood every spring. It sounds like you might be better off moving it somewhere it wouldn't interfere with the mowing and put a more upright plant in its place.

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