Fuchsia Magellanica

daniellalellJuly 3, 2009

Hi! I started some Fuchsia Magellanica from seed on 01-27-09, they germinated in a week..I had 5 seedlings.

Here is a pic I took of one the other day.

Can anyone tell me if it may bloom this year? Is there a tell tale sign I can look for to tell if it will be setting buds?

I had also started some Fuchsia Boliviana Alba seeds at the same time, they never germinated. I started a second batch about a month ago outside, still nothing. I'll give them till fall, but was just wondering if they are hard to do from seed?



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Your plant looks as if it should be large and healthy enough to bloom - the only sign of buds I know of IS buds at the ends of the branches. Some additional morning sun might help to encourage it.

As for the other seeds, sometimes seeds just aren't viable when you get them. With a name like 'boliviana', they may need cooler night temps in order to germinate, so give them a few more months before tossing them out. I haven't grown many fuschias from seed, but they should be similar to Hamelia, a near relative which I have germinated several times, in terms of germination.

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Thanks Bubba. I will move it into more morning sun. It pretty much gets dappled sun all day where it is now, and then some late afternoon sun but not for long. Seems to be growing so well there, I didnt even think to give it more sun!
thanks again! :)

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