transplanted fuchsia dying....

Abrarage(10/California)July 18, 2005

I bought a new fuchsia and transplanted it into

a hanging basket. It looked good for a day, but then

started to die slowly. I was worried I did something

to the roots, so I waited to let to soil dry out a bit and

then watered with B-1 vitamin for translplanting.

Anyone have any experiences transplanting fuchsia

and using B-1 ?

I have a healthy fuchsia in a hanging basket want to

add more. Any suggestions about how I shoud transplant

after purchasing?


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Abrarage,
The main thing when transplanting at this time of year is not to disturb the roots too much, and not to make the soil too wet, water in the mornings and keep moist but not soaking wet and keep it in the shade and definitely out of the hot pm sun - Kath :)

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bamboo_ca(z10 SoCA)

Hi Abrarage,

Before transplanting make sure that you plant is ready to be transplanted, specifically make sure that the roots inside its current container occupy enough of the soil to hold together so that when you take it out large clusters of roots won't break away. One thing I do is to let the potted fuchsia dry just a little bit so that the soil isn't as heavy when I transplant. Also never be afraid to plant a fuchsia too deep, as it will develop roots higher up if needed. Fuchsias keep their roots close to the surface of the soil so make sure to keep it moist after transplanting until it gets established.

Your particular problem may be due to any number of causes. The first I would suggest is that if the basket you transplanted it to is not draining well, then water may be backing up inside keeping the root zone too wet and thus slowly drowning the roots. Another probable cause could be too many roots were broken during transplant and so the plant needs time and TLC to recover. Yet another cause could be location. If the basket to which you transplanted is in a different location, which maybe gets more sun or more reflected heat say from a cement patio, then that can cause some heat stress which will have negative results.

Another less likely cause may be that you used too much B-1 for the plant to handle. Often the directions on the bottle call for larger volumes of solution than are needed for transplanting small fuchsias. If too much B-1 was given then it should be leached from the soil after several instances of watering and a few days but the plant will take a few weeks to recover (assuming of course your basket is draining well). Also make sure you don't use liquid fertilizers during or shortly after transplanting, this can also have a negative impact on the health of the plant. Wait at least three weeks after transplanting before fertilizing. While I'm on the subject of fertilizer, many fuchsias have roots that are very sensitive to over fertilizing and can easily die, so be careful in how much fertilizer you use...better to use too little than too much.

Hope this helps


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