Upright or trailing varieties for a standard?

drinkmorewaterJuly 13, 2004

I'd like to start on my first fuschia standard this year - should I start with an upright or trailing variety? I would think upright makes more sense, but I remember reading somewhere that trailing ones work better.

These are the fuschias I have - would really appreciate it if someone could recommend the easiest one to start with:

Dollar Princess (trailing)

Blue Eyes (trailing)

Dark Eyes (trailing)

Diva (Red& Blue, Cherry & White) - uprights

Heidi Ann (upright)

Sophie Louise (upright)

British Jubilee (upright)

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Plantsgalore,
Yes, you can use uprights or trailers.

Comparing uprights to trailers:
(1)As these naturally have an 'upward growth' the main stem is 'stiffer' and easier to get to the height that you require. When using trailers use more 'twine' ties between stem and cane.

(2) Trailers give a much better lax/trailing 'head'.

(3) When your new plant is 2 inches tall put a small cane beside it, this helps to create a straight stem from the beginning. Always leave at least half an inch space between cane and stem, in other words don't tie too tightly and check the ties frequently, it surprising how quickly the ties become to tight.

(4) Remove any buds that form in the axils between stem and leaf, do not remove the large leaves, they give strength to the main stem and at a later date will fall off naturally.

(5) Always leave 4 sets of buds on the upper most growth, removing the lower ones as the plant grows vertically. The reason for this is should you accidently damage the top of your plant (main growing tip) you still have 3 sets to form your 'head'.

(6)Never let the plant become pot bound as this will encourage flowering which you do not want until you have reached the required height. Once you have reached this height pinch out the main growing tip. Then let all the top stems grow until they each have 3 pairs of leaves then pinch out that growing tip. The more you do this the bigger the head will become.

Hope this helps you, any of your trailers make beautiful standards. - Kath :)

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Thanks so much Kath! I think I will start with a Dollar Princess cutting - it grows the fastest for me, and I adore the flowers.

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