Gartenmeister flower buds dropping

katob Z6ish, NE PaAugust 14, 2005


I've got a question for the pros:

I have a container planting with a Gartenmeister in it. It gets morning sun and is on a drip waterer, but sits under an overhang so it doesn't get much water on the leaves. It looks really healthy but I realized today that it doesn't have any blooms! It looks like the buds have been dropping off before they get any bigger than maybe a quarter inch. It was blooming for a while before this started.... it's got such nicely colored foliage that I totally missed the lack of flowers until today.

Should I look for something? Do you think it's some kind of mite? It's been hot, but not the 100 degree weather others are dealing with!

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Kato,
If it's some kind of pest, there should be some signs of damage on the buds, tiny holes, mis-shapen buds etc. Are you sure it's not getting too much water! The soil should be moist but not soggy. Gartenmeister does appreciate a little bit more sun than other cultivars being a triphylla type fuchsia. Have you been giving it a feed?, remember fuchsias are greedy feeds, 'little and often' - Kath:)

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Hi Kath,
Sorry so late in getting back to you, I'm taking a few classes and this is the last week. I'm finishing up a final right now! -but I needed a break...

I did give it a little 10-10-10 a week or two ago. I don't remember noticing blooms then or not. There are a few other plants in the pot, a rubber tree, asparagus fern, geranium and impatients. All are doing well althought he geranium probably wants more light.

I looked a little more closely at the flower buds. They are barely any size at all before drying up and dropping off. I haven't seen any bugs yet or damage. The soil is moist but it drains OK. COuld it still be too moist?

I could try for another picture, but it may be a few more days before I get out there! Please don't give up in me ;)

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

No, would never give up on you Kato :), It looks very healthy in the photo. The soil might still be too wet using a continuous drip waterer. Does it always look so wet on your pavement?. I would try switiching the drip waterer off and just water the pot in the mornings, and if possible shift the pot so it gets morning sun but afternoon shade and see if that stops the buds falling off.

You can feed with your 10-10-10 twice weekly during the growing season if you wish - Kath :)

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That's a pretty arrangement of plants Kato. Did you put it together? It's such an nice variety of colors and textures.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I'm going to shut off the water for a week or two and see how that works. It's gotta be either that or the fertilizer, I can't imagine a bug problem doing this unless it's some tiny mite or something that's near invisible.

Thanks Socks, I put it together myself and mostly just got lucky. I like it, but my wife has a different opinion. She doesn't like the colors or plants, especially the rubber tree. Where did I ever find her!? It would probably work just as well without the rubber tree, but it's doing so well and I love to see a healthy tropical!

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Well, rubber plants can get pretty big, and asparagus fern can be very unruly, but you'll deal with those when the time comes, right? For now, it's quite attractive.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I'm starting to see a few buds that seem to be sizing up.... still a long way from blooming but i have hope!
I removed the drip line and am allowing the soil to dry out a bit. It's got to be either that or too big a jolt of fertilizer on the plant shocking it. I hope it recovers!

I hope it's ok if I post another picture, I know sometimes it can be annoying if your internet connection is slow.....

This is the latest photo. I know, I know, there's still some water out of the bottom, but it's drying out. It has grown alot, the top three leaves of the unruly rubber tree are new and the asparagus fern is onto the concrete now. Winter should nip their colonizing ways!

My mom is the source of the R.tree, she's such a sucker for a homeless plant and tries to save all the prunings she gets, unfortunately they all root! I said I was going to leave this one out to freeze, but now I'm not so sure.
I read the post on fushia cuttings. I may try a couple myself now that the plant isn't blooming and take them in for the winter instead of the RT.

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