HELP!! my 2 starter fuchsias are wilting....

l_i_s_aAugust 8, 2010

I have a tom thumb (shrub) and a pink erecta (upright) that i got by mail on 7-29-10. One was in a 2by2 inch container. The other in a 2by5 inch container. They were full of leaves and buds i thought they looked good. I potted them a few days later into bigger containers. then i set them out in the shade. It was about 90 degrees that day. When i went to go check on them a couple of hours later the leaves and blooms were all wilted. Since then i have taken all the dried up blooms off,ans some of the leaves. The stems and leaves that are left on them are very much green. They also stand up straight.(the stems). I have now put them in my front yard where iot is somewhat cooler. But all they do is stand with wilting leaves. I noticed at night when its around 70 degrees, they look alittle better. I havent over watered or under watered that i know of. They look perfectly green, did i kii them already? What should i do? I am new to this kind of plant. But i really love them Please give me some tips or give it to me straight,did i already kill them??

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hill60(z7 BC)

Fuchsias really don't like 90 degree temperatures. How long has it been since you transplanted them into the lager pots. They will go into a bit of transplant shock after transplanting. Keep them in the shade. Try cooling them in the heat with misting. If they are still looking green they aren't dead and need some time to recover.

I've been known to nurture along little twigs with success I wouldn't give up yet.

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Thank you for the reply hill60s. After i posted my question, i really went over in my mind all the research i have done on fuchsias and just could not give up. So after i posted my question, i went out side and moved them on a different side of the house, still on the north side. They did great up until 3:25pm on sunday, there containers felt hot and 1 was wilting again. I this time placed them still in the front, but underneath my big tree which goes on to the side of the house. I remembered i have some ferns growing under that tree and they only tolerate shady cool areas. So now my fuchsias are under that tree. The dirt feels cooler there. I put them each on a stepping stone on the cool dirt and have put water over the stepping stones to keep the bottums cooler and to keep the bugs from crawing into the containers drainage holes. It is now 9:45am 72 degrees, im not sure what the degrees are in that shady spot, but if i can remember right its always been some what cooler there, and the ferns like it also. So i will be monitoring them every hour to see how they like it there. I am really determined to grow these fuchsias. I am really glad i got your response, i am also glad to hear that i should not give up. Well at least now i know they are not dead yet. I will follow up again in a day or two. Again thanks for the reply hill60s. Lisa.

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