Maid of Orleans help! Beginner clumsy girl here :(

JasminaMcCallMarch 9, 2014

I never ever planted anything in my life other than my face on various things; most commonly the floor. I blame gravity! Anyways, I want to plant a Maid of Orleans in my room. After doing much research I have deducted that it is the most fragrant jasmine. Am I right? If not do you have any other suggestions? (Has to be jasmine :) sorry I'm biased because of my name ) how do I take care of it? And I don't want it to become overbearingly large. Where should I buy it? (I'm a poor college student living at home so no crazy prices for me) ONE LAST THING please refrain from using elborate gardening terminology because I'm a complete oaf when it comes to things like these. If you really must please explain them to me while keeping in mind that I fall and bump into things on average 8 times a day :)

Thank you!

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jujujojo_gw(6b 7a)

It is extremely easy:
South window in a room
Normal soil
Water once a week

That is it.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's very insufficient information, juju.

Stick around,'ll have plenty of good suggestions soon! It's important to select a porous, fast draining potting medium and the right container. You'll learn from others that watering by a calender schedule is rarely in the best interests of your least not for very long.

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Arabian Jasmine is very fragrant. But for most fragrant I would definitely vote for pink Jasmine aka jasminun polyanthum.
The fragrances however, are not very similar.
I have them both.
MOO has a wonderful heady crisp scent that's wonderful but difficult to describe.

Pink Jasmine has an intense classic Jasmine fragrance, but with a hint of musk and alot of sweetness.
That's the main difference. The sweetness. At least to me.

My various varieties of Jasmine sambac (maid of Orleans is one) and my pink jasmine are in all sorts of potting material. From miracle gro to straight composted horse manure.

But I have zero experience keeping these indoors.
Pink Jasmine requires a temperature drop to flower, which may or may not happen naturally in your home in winter.

Sambac Jasmine need warmth for good growth and flowers in my opinion.
Both like to be kept on the dryer side.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Hi there!

I can't offer any sound advice because I'm still learning myself. Thus far I have killed all of mine. So to me it's not simple at all! :(

But scent wise I adore Belle of India! WOWZA she's gorgeous to look at and the fragrance is simply amazing. Looks like I'm going to have to order yet another one and give it a go this summer. But so far all my love affairs with Jasmine have only lasted one season. Sigh...

Have fun!

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Not meaning anything bad by this, but actually good, but every one of my Asian friends find growing any plant easy and do a darn good job at it without these forums..I could never understand why!
It kills me...

But for me nothing is easy to grow at start with a bunch of pitfalls and dead plants until I finally get it...
That is why I am always here. I am always learning something new.

Almost ALL the plants I can tell you have 3 things in common.At least the fragrant ones..
They all love to grow in POROUS mixes that allow you to water frequently without fear of rot.
They like to be fertilized in growing seasons...
They hate salt deposits in the soil mix.

Porous mixes that allow you to water frequently and copiously, and dry out in short amount of time avoids root rot, root death, burnt leaves, yellow leaves, pests, and allows you to fertilize with salt deposits..
This is something Jasmie like

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