How can I get my Fuchsia thymifolia to bloom

jayfergAugust 11, 2004

I bought this plant last fall and it bloomed great. It started to bloom again this spring then tuckered out and lost almost all of the leaves. Oops....I forgot to fertilize it but it grew back in no time after some food. I used a Super Bloom on it once and then back to an all purpose and still no blooms. It is still green and lush. It has been very hot here and gets a little droopy mid-day.

How can I get it to bloom? I love this fuschia and the hummingbirds love it too.


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Jayferg,
You will probably find it will start blooming again when the weather cools down again, it is an encliandra type and they don't particularly like very hot weather.

Mine go into the greenhouse before the frosts come (I know you don't have this problem :) at 45f and they bloom throughout the winter. Be patient, Kath :)

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I wish we had hummingbirds.
A sad IanS.

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Thanks. I figured it might be the heat. It has been in the 90's lately. Too hot for me and the plants.

No Hummers in the UK! Oh no. They are a delight. Except my kids scare them off when we are outside so I have to enjoy them from inside(but I am usually chasing after the kids!).

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No hummingbirds in the U.K, I'm afraid, but we do have gnomes that come from the woods at night, to take the nectar from the fuchsia flowers. They mix it with honey from wild bees, to make Mead, a strong sweet drink. I can always tell when the gnomes have visited, because all my plant labels go missing, though why they should want to steal them is anybody's guess.

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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

:) :) :) Very good Ian, I've often wondered who steals my plant labels - Kath:)

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