protecting my fuchsias

Puddleduck1August 11, 2013

I live in Paradise California and have fuchsias growing in my garden and doing well. Some are large and some just starts. I just love them. We do have hot weather 90+ and we also get snow. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can protect them over the winter especially my large plants? I was thinking of making some cages and wrapping the cages with some kind of cloth. If anyone has done this and has pictures I would really appreciate it.


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It depends if yours are hardy to your climate or not. If you have hardy fuchsias, planting them in the ground a couple of inches below the soil level of the pot will help protect the rootball. Apply mulch as well. Check out the NW Fuchsia Society page under "Hardy Fuchsia List".

I haven't tried what you intend to do, though it sounds interesting. I have a few tenders (zone 9) planted that I plan to overwinter, as an experiment, by using the technique shown in the link below. I'll see how well it works.

I used to live in zone 6, and although my hardies died down in winter, they did return in May and fill out. I didn't mulch, but they survived. If I had protected them better, I'm sure they would have come back sooner.

Here is a link that might be useful: Banana Tree Overwintering

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