Gardenia buds not opening / yellow leaves falling

Kim_MOMarch 18, 2005

I have a large gardenia in a 10 gallon plastic container loaded with buds. Just when I think they should be opening they seem to dry up and will not open. Also the leaves at the bottom are yellowing and falling off. I'm new to having this plant and and need help on it's care.



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jview(Z7a NY)

Kim, It's hard to know what the problem is without more information. Are you raising this plant indoors or out? I find that to keep a gardinia indoors it needs plenty of sun light during the day and not too warm a temperature at night. Warm nights cause buds to drop. Yellowing and falling leaves could be caused by too much water. Let it dry a bit between waterings then water well. When you fertalize, use a fertalizer for acid loving plants. Good luck.

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The plant is an indoor plant.
Thanks for the info. I'll try your suggestions.

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The plants is not getting water. Since it is indoor, it probably gets too much water.

Gardenia does not like dry or wet. It needs constant moisture. It likes more sandy soil than clay and you should water it little, but often. The same thing for outside, but you water more.

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I have a grow light on my Gardenia thats indoors how long should I leave the light on each day? I am in Las Vegas will a gardenia be ok outdoors here, we do get rather cold weather a few days a year?

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