garyfla_gw(10 Florida)April 20, 2012


After much searching I found a source for "Turface" Have no idea what this stuff is supposed to look like but it can't be right lol. Label says Turface all sport" 100

percent calcined clay. It looks like crushed terra cotta but is the consistancy of fine sand . Looks nothing like either "Oil dri or Cat litter in color or consistancy

my intention is to use this as a mix for aquatic plants but ended up with tomato soup when washed lol

Obviously I got the wrong stuff So which should I get?? and what am I looking for?? Thanks for any help!!! gary

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Hi Gary,I think you got the right stuff.It's just you shouldn't wash it,as you are washing away the nutrients.Also this stuff is best placed in the bottom of the tank & then the sand or gravel is placed on top-this will prevent it from turning the water into a muddy mess.I looked into this stuff,when I switched to a larger tank a few weeks ago,but decided to just use laterite & florite as my clay base.Are you using this stuff to set up a new tank or to make the fertilizer balls to place in the substrate?I know some people have used regular red pottery clay for both applications.Hope this helps & post some pics of your tank :)

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I may be wrong but I think Turface comes in different consistencies. The Turface type I got several years ago was not sand-like, it was larger particles. I don't have the bag anymore or I'd go look at it for the exact name.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

was going to use it as a potting media for some waterlilies and amazon swords ,located in an outdoor pond
I have normally used cat litter clay but tends to break down rapidly .Oil dri is far superior but was told the "Turface" is even better
The vendor had it in MVP/Proleague and "quick dry " The latter is what I bought . I was so thrilled in locating the stuff and was surprised there is more than one kind . It also comes in 5 colors which I assume is dyed?? The label on all four types said "100 percent calcined clay"
Obviously highly refined and with some type of heat treatment I would guess.?? Anyway not at all what I was expecting lol Maybe for a gritty mix for terrestrials but not aquatic for sure.
I asked this ?? on the house plants forum where I've often seen it touted as a basis for several types of mixes.
For aquariums I use boiled canadian peat topped with gravel. I have mixed it with black cow in a 150 kept outdoors . Took a LONG time to settle down but had phenoninal growth. Would never be brave enough to try that in the house lol With water lily you don't want to over stmulate them or they will eat the house so I opt for sterile media and fertilize with spikes. I asked this ?? on the house plants forum will see what he has to say. Thanks for the help!!! gary

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

I have a bag out in my shed that I used to pot up a few lilies. It looked like kitty litter size chunks and about the color of aliflor. I'll go look at the bag in the morning and tell you what it says. Oh, and it worked fine, stayed in chunks.


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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

i got the wrong kind naturally The difference between the 4 types is grain size. i should have got MVP not quick dry. Would probably work for the WL but since it's an 18x18 cube it would weigh a ton not to mention it would cost twice over oil dri.
Oh well I'll find a use for it !!! Thanks gary

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