Fuchsia with dwarf leaves

tom_in_nj(6)August 25, 2012

I have a fuchsia that was growing normally at the beginning of the summer and producing beautiful flowers. Now, it all of the new growth and the flower buds are "dwarfed". The leaves are dark green, but only about the size of a dime (and get no larger). Same for the flower buds -- they are very small, probably 25% of the size from earlier in the summer, hard and barely open before falling off. Any help or remedies are appreciated.

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I wasn't going to reply to this, as I honestly don't know the answer, but since no-one else has I'll hazard a guess. From the date of your post I would say it is either heat stress and/or too much sunlight. Plants that grow in shade produce large leaves and vice versa. A photo might help plus an update.

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