Best time to start cuttings? Zone 5

timmy2greenDecember 13, 2012

When is the best time to start cuttings indoors if I'm in zone 5? Also, separately when do you think is the earliest I should start them? Thanks!

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Any time is a good time to root cuttings. I have some that just rooted and some that I'm waiting to send out roots. The earlier you get them rooted the better. They will have all winter to develop their root system better. When it's warm enough to put them outside the trees will have a jump start on the other trees that are still dormant, and trying to wake up.

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Thanks Tony!

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Timmy, I find that I have better success starting cuttings in the spring. The house is warmer and has more humidity. I've lost too many cuttings by trying to start them in the winter. Cuttings can store for months in the fridge. I just have to be patient and the results are better.

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