Gardenia leaves turning yellow

Bobbibonn(z9 FL)March 13, 2005

I planted two gardenia plants (sorry do not know what type)last year. I have yet to have one bloom and the bright green shiny leaves are turning yellow. Please help.

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pharoah(Sherman Oaks CA)

It could be a number of things. Is it planted in acidic soil?
Is the soil fast draining??? Have you fertilized??

Sometimes in spring, the old leaves from last year turn yellow
and fall off. It's a sign of new growth.


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I agree with Tony. My new bushes didn't survive this crazy winter so I'm going with a hardier variety this year and praying that will take through next winter. Check your soil and make sure that it isn't too mushy and bring in a soil sample to have it checked at your local garden center. Gardenias love coffee grounds. You can also fertilize with Miracid. My 1 gallon tiny gardenia plants that I planted last spring grew to about 3x3 with lots of blooms through the summer. I'm heart broken that they didn't make it through though. Where are the leaves turning yellow? If it is in the middle, bottom of the plant then most likely it is the old growth making room for the new growth.

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nomadic(z8 PNW)

Bought an August Beauty which is supposed to be one of the hardier varieties in November and it's blooming now. I use Bloom Plus and since it's in a one gallon pot indoors I decided to try water filtered with Brita to keep the soil just moist. Plus grow lite when there's not enough sun outside.

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Bobbibonn, I'm having the same problem right now. The buds began to set about a month ago on this two year old plant of mine, and in the last week or two some of the leaves have completely yellowed with some browning as well. I hope these folks are right that it's just the old leaves dying off. I believe I'm doing everything "right" but I don't think I've ever had a more finicky plant! Crossing my fingers for both of us...


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Bobbibonn(z9 FL)

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions to my problem. I have since taken the Gardenia (which is a Gardenia jasminoides "veitchii") out of the ground (mostly sand here in FL) and planted it in a pot (still outdoors). I have been feeding it miracle grow and it is in miracle grow potting soil. It is doing much better, new growth coming in green and I have lots of buds on it. I am so pleased with it now. Thanks again. This site is wonderful. Good luck to all you Gardenia lovers. I will keep you posted if and when it blooms. I just hope they don't dry up and fall off. We have had some pretty low temps at night so hopefully they will bloom.

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bdjeepers(9a FL Ocala)

Hi - it's my first posting as a new member, so hope I do it right! I grow lots of gardenias in North Central Florida, both the common variety and the newer giant Miami variety. As to yellowing leaves, give it lots of Miracid after you've mixed your garden soil with lots of peat moss. I continue to acidify this FL sand by feeding them with my used tea bags, filter paper and all!

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Hi, I see this an old thread I hope some one reads it. Please respond just to let me know the question is out there.
I just got my mother a gardenia plant this past Friday bearly a week a go for her birthday she loves plants and was so excited. It is nice and big had it looked live and strong all the leaves shining and standing up and spread out it is full of buds and even has one bloomed flower. I asked the gardning place which had it in doors to repot it for me to keep in doors. I took it to my mothers house and put it at a sunny window where light is avilable most hours of the day. As it says on the tag and we made sure it was watered. She calls me today Wendesday, that I should take it back to the guy I got it from and ask him what's wrong. The leaves are starting to get weak and yellowish and some brown lines etc. The flower that bloomed is dieing. She dosnt want to see her nice pretty plant dieing so fast. I couldn't take it there but I spoke to the guy he tells me make sure it has water and light. Well it has both but I don't think I want to keep the soil wet? Another think, I read on here and diferent sites about useing acid feed etc... They replanted it with regular plant soil not even mirical grow which has some nutrient in it. At this point what should I do? One women at the flower place said put it out side. Its not really something I want to do. We live in NYC I don't want some one to think we put it out for them to take. Please give me some good ideas to save the plant and agrivation for my mom.
Thanks in advance.

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There are so many possibilites my friend..:-(
Who knows how long that plant has been at that greenhouse before you took it home, or if it was even about to get root rot. We do not even know how it was cared for just before you purchased it..That is why many times I check the roots to most my plants I buy to make sure they are healthy before I bring them home. Possibilities.

1. Have you checked for spidermites? They can suck the life right of the leaves and buds which make them look pale, weak, and cause bud drop.

2. How about the soil..How long has it stayed wet? Root rot can develope FAST with these babies, causing your plant to dehydrate although there is plenty of moisture available in the soil.

3. It could be going through a HUGE shock..One of the first things to happen is yellowing leaves, lot's of leaf drop, and a weaker specimen..

4. Is it getting FULL sun, or just a lot of light. Big problem here also, if it is only getting light.

5. If repotted while in bloom stage,a serious mistake most times for these very finiky plants since anything that disturbs them while in bud stage, almost always causes bud drop..

I would probably bring it back and replace it, unless you can get it outdoors as soon as possible and give it back at least the enviroment it was use to growing in..It might help..

Good luck..;-)


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