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apolloiceSeptember 1, 2009

I recently received my parent's fuschia and, while it bloomed often and fully before, it no longer grows new buds and the existing ones are dying before they open. A few of the leaves are browning. It's September 1st and I live in a agricultural area in California.

The plant is in a warmer environment but gets much more shade as it's kept indoors. I did feed it strong NPK (20-20-20) fertilizer tea and it exploded in buds for awhile. I pinched some off so as not to overwhelm the plant. It's always wet and I water as needed. I put it by the window to get more fresh air after the last buds died off and it's getting more sun but showing no signs of improvement.

Did I do anything to hurt my plant or is this natural fall hibernation?

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I'm no expert in fuchsias but I do have a few of them. I live in Southern CA and my fuchsias are outside in the patio with lots of filtered sun (under a trellis) and they are flowering like crazy.

Fuchsias require a lot of water but hate 'wet feet'. Make sure you let the soil dry up well before watering them again. They hate being in soggy wet soil.

Good luck!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

I suspect the problem is that it is indoors. I would put it outside in a moderately shaded place and stop feeding it for a while. Water sparingly as sk290 suggests. I think you may be killing it with kindness.

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