NOID fuchsia

minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)September 17, 2012

I bought this at my local nursery, only to realize once I got it home that it had no ID on it. It has light/medium green leaves, pale new stems, quite pendulous branches. Sepals are white, but sometimes get a pink blush on them. Huge blossoms, but sepals are always 'flaccid' (you can't pop them, there isn't enough stiffness to them) and they sometimes fail to open properly. Corollas are a cerise? / deep pink, and sometimes streaked in a paler color. I water it every few days (it's in a 3 gallon pot), and never quite dries out, but it's not soggy all the time either.

I can't find it online, but I also don't really know how to search for it, either. Anybody have any ideas on what it is, or can direct me to a site that catalogs them (and tell me how to search other than going through each and every photo!)

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There are literally thousands of species and cultivars of fuchsias - maybe even tens of thousands. The best way to confirm an ID is to join and visit a fuchsia society or to find a good fuchsia website with a lot of pics.

I've linked you to the American Fuchsia Society website. It's a good place to get started and in turn will link you to more fuchsia websites.

Here is a link that might be useful: American Fuchsia Society

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minflick(9b/7, Boulder Creek, CA)

I ended up sending the pictures to The Earthworks Fuchsias up in Washington state to ask her opinion, as she sells it. She said it is Circus Spangles.

Now I'd like to figure out how to take care of it such that the sepals open properly. At least half the time they don't, and it doesn't seem to matter if the pot is drier or wetter, they just don't open well a lot of the time.

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