Can Fuchsia grow in tropical climate?

yeopaul(Malaysia)October 5, 2004

Hi everyone,

I fall in love with fuchsia when i visited Cameron highland of Malaysia. Cameron highland has a cool climate, therefore you can have different varieties of temperate plants there.

I just like to know is it possible to plant fuchsia in tropical climate where the temperature is always above 30 degree celsius?


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fuchsiabonsailady(z8 UK)

Hi Sunshine,
30c/86f is rather hot for fuchsias, they prefer 18/20c - 64/68f, after saying that some varieties will tolerate 25c/77f, do you have humidity as well? - Kath:)

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yes, we have a very himid climate too. does it affect fuchsias?

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yeopaul, there is no way you are going to be able to grow any variety of fuschia at less than 3000 feet elevation at 5o north latitude. The problem isn't so much your daytime highs but your very warm night temperatures and the high humidity (evaporative cooling is inefficient with high humidity-think about sweating). If you had a very cool place to bring it into at night (less than 18oc), you might get one to survive but it would never thrive.


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Thanks Ryan. It is a sad thing. i got a few of them planting in different conditions, it doesn't look good..just like what you said, it might survive but it would never thrive, i am going to believe that but will probably give it a few more tries.

thanks for the advise.

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If you've managed to keep them alive outside I'm impressed, how long have you been growing them?


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You could try asking some local gardeners or a nursery if they have ever had any luck with any certain species of fuschia or a plant similiar to fuschia. Your best bet for growing them is probably in a shady area. Maybe you could grow them somewhere in your house where it is possibly cooler?

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Heavenrse(Z9 FL)

Hiya all! We just bought a bunch of Fucsias at a local nursery here in Central Florida. We were told they were grown locally. :)

It is rare down here though. We've always thought they were annuals and died, and I just learned that they "sleep" for the winter...

I need to read up on these beautiful flowers!

Pic attached of our find :)

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I went to Cameron highlands and bought back a red/purple Fuchsia too. The mother plant didn't make it but a cutting did. It's kind of slow growing under our 30C heat but I managed to propagate another cutting from the cutting I made earlier. At night it enjoy the air conditioning at around 24-25C. I hope it will flower one day for me.

I have seen another person who grew it in the office aircon environment and it bloomed gorgeously.

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I live in a Mediterranean climate, the temperature during the day goes up to the middle of 30Âs and down to 20Âs during the night time, I bought three fuchsia in winter they were very gorgeous, two of them almost vanished and one of them still flowering, I keep them in the shade away from the sun, I was advised to cut back the other two to ground level hoping they will come back again when start to cool during the month of October

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momiji79(BKK Thailand)

I live in Thailand and fuchsias can grow very well in the highlands of northern Thailand. They can be found on sale in northern Thailand (in the lowlands) but I am not sure how well they do there. Anyhow, I bought one a few days ago and leave it in a shady place during the daytime outdoors and bring it into the air conditioned room at night. Lets see how well it does.

Current climate in Bangkok : 27C -37C.

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Hi momiji79,

Do feedback on how your fuchsia is doing. Mine is thin looking but still flowering.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Fuchsias do grow in tropical climates but only at altitude. Our local fuchsia (Fuchsia regia) is not found below 1200m altitude (3700 feet). I think this is about the height of the Cameron highlands also. I can grow it at lower altitudes (800 m) if it is sited with great care ie. in almost full shade. Another thing is don't be tempted, as you might be with Fuchsia, to keep it very well watered. They will only grow in the summer half and winter watering usually kills them or makes them leggy, at any rate very poor flowering. Keep them very dry at this time of year. A lot of fuschias do not thrive here.

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I am new to this forum so just saw your post today. I lived on Guam for 17 years. I hand carried cuttings from California and rooted them in on my kitchem window on Guam. They did very well and did have lovely flowers. I grew them in shade under an avacado tree and soursap trees. Temperature on Guam is usually always in the low to high 80's....and very humid... My biggest enemy wwere the typhoons.

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rain1950(W. WA z8)

Perhaps this listing will help. From the PNW Fucshia Society

Here is a link that might be useful: Heat tolerant Fucshias

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gardenlady76(TX coast/9)

You know I really get angry at my local nurseries. I lived for six years in Oregon and Northern CA and grew many Fuchsia. When I returned home to Houston, you all know how hot and humid the Gulf Coast area is, I knew I could no longer have them here. Yet, the darn local nurseries insist on selling them at a very high price. To me it is just a rip off of the local people who see the beautiful flowers and think they can grow them here. Shame, shame, shame on the greedy nursery people. End of rant,,,

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